Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review

The Nazi killing title is back and this time, developers MachineGames took it to the next level, with exciting stages, fast paced action and an array of badass weapons.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus definitely lived up to its expectation, we tried it on the PS4, and here’s a quick get to know.


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Wolfenstein is based on a timeline where the Nazis actually won the war and took over the world. To refresh some memories, “The New Colossus” picks off where “The New Order” left off. After the explosion during the fight with Deathshead, main character Blazkowicz was left in an extremely bad condition.

He wakes up 5 months later in “The New Colossus” to the sound of panic and gunfires. Apparently Nazi General Engel, managed to track down the stolen U-boat which is the base of operations for the Resistant, Nazis started swarming the whole base.

This was the best part, the action started right from the get go, our hero Blazkowicz got on a wheelchair and the Nazi killing began. I literally controlled Blazkowicz on a wheelchair guns blazing, which was one of the most unorthodox and ridiculous yet glorious thing I ever experienced from any shooters.

Am not going to spoil the whole story, but let’s just say if the beginning was amazing, imagine the buildup.


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It was extremely satisfying to fill Nazi soldiers with bullet holes, which was well complemented by the fast paced action.

Picture Blazkowicz running smoothly through an entire stage while killing Nazis, and just when you thought your almost through, you end up dying and starting all over again. This was a cycle that I had to go through with every level due to the difficulty set, but it was a cycle I didn’t mind doing over and over again. All because of the fast paced excitement that doesn’t really fade away.

There are different approaches to the game, and it’s up to player preference, stealth or guns blazing, it’s your choice.

Weapons deal a different effect to enemies, one of the best weapons would turn enemies to nothing but ashes, and not to mention the laser weapons that drop after killing a Fallout machine that’s capable of destroying anything in its path. Every weapon was just extremely satisfying to use. The thought of killing a Nazi made it even more fulfilling.

Character progression was on point which made the gameplay perfect. It’s literally a no brainer, all you have to do is pick up a weapon and run through the map guns blazing, what’s not to like? Arguably, many games out there has the same no brainer element, but this is different, thanks to the weapons, enemies, character progression and cut scenes.


When you melee an enemy with an axe, a realistic effect of blood gushes out and the flesh can be seen right before he falls to the ground, this really shows off the amount time the devs spent working on the details. Even shooting an enemy sends the same realistic blood splurging out followed by a lifelike ragdoll movement.

The environment and enemy details were surreal, at certain points I completely overlooked some enemy, it’s like they were blended in with the surroundings. The lighting went hand in hand with the environment which made the game way more dynamic.

Characters were extremely detailed, freckles, laugh lines, eye bags, everything could be seen. Also machines were extremely well designed, with a mix of rusty armor and the close to perfect ones.

To Conclude

There isn’t really much to go on with, other than stating a fact that the game has a fun and engaging story, with superb shooting mechanics. The only complain would be that the difficulty level is slightly broken, if you play the game with anything above or on the hard level, you easily get one-shotted which gets annoying after some time. Other than that this really is one solid game.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has earned a Glitch rating of 9.5.



Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review

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