PUBG Players Can Now Try Out The Highly Anticipated Vaulting & Climbing

Before we begin, do bare in mind that the vaulting and climbing, can only be tried and tested on the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds TEST SERVERS.

The patch was initially intended to roll out a week ago, but developers Bluehole questioned the readiness of going live. An official statement by the team quotes, “Right before opening the test servers, we concluded that the test build was not stable enough and decided to postpone the test”.

It went live a few hours ago and I tried it out without any disappointments. It’s extremely easy to get in and out of troubled situations, forget crouch jumping because this is the future of PUBG. Use your creativity and find a better path, that will enable you to take out enemies from the back. It’s extremely satisfying and rewarding to do so. This patch can also be annoying at times, with players climbing and camping up places you would never expect. Ultimately, this is exactly what PUBG needed, no longer will you get frustrated trying to jump over a short fence or a road divider.

On top of vaulting and climbing, the developers also released another major update to the patch, titled “Ballistics overhaul”.

To summarize, the Ballistics overhaul will effect how bullets travel and deal damage over distance, also how much damage you will receive, is now based on which part of the body gets shot. To read the full description of other changes, click here.

Although the patch may still not be stable enough. Take this chance to try it out, as this may only be live for a short period of time.

Check out this gameplay by “PUBG Highlights – Protatomonster”

PUBG Players Can Now Try Out The Highly Anticipated Vaulting & Climbing

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