V-Moda The Next Gaming Headphones

V-Moda has been around for quite sometime now, but not many have ever tried out their products or let alone heard of them. To give a quick introduction, this brand produces some of the most reliable and top quality audio devices. The only downside is the steep price of the products, but let that not stop you from actually owning one.

I tried out the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 and Boom Mic for gaming, needless to say, the price definitely speaks for its quality. Not only was the sound quality amazing, it also gave an immersive experience. On top of that, the headphones provided extreme comfort that hugged around the ears tightly with Ergosoft Memory Foam, all while providing noise cancellation.

The Crossfade M-100 has the capability to provide an all new gaming experience, every single detail can be heard, clear as crystal. From environment sounds to the actual front of a game, it was extremely satisfying. The actual fact that the headphones has the ability to provide an immersive experience, that enables you to take more interest in a game, speaks just how much this brand can be used for gaming. The Boom Mic is perfect if your a streamer, the clarity for a small mic like theirs is beyond good, and it goes hand in hand with the headphones.

There will always be this question, “if Brands like Razer and Logitech are equally as good with a much lower price, why not get those instead?”. Yes that’s completely true, those brands are top in the gaming industry. However V-Moda, has made very little noise in the gaming industry, and more noise in the music industry, with top artist around the world like the Chainsmokers, Hardwell and many more backing them, there has to be something special about their products.

After trying on the Crossfade M-100, I became convince that V-Moda has the ability to penetrate the gaming industry with their headphones and mics. Not only are the headphones extremely good, they are also compact in size while hosting an irresistible design. The headphone comes with a shield on each side, which can be fully customized with colour, graphics and details.

Check it out here.

V-Moda The Next Gaming Headphones

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